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Many decades ago a seed fell into the ground and a tree blossomed, year after year it grew tall, strong and beautiful. After many years as a matured adult a farmer comes along to cut it down, this particular tree was chosen because of its many years of growth making it strong and stable. Cut and milled it was then turned into a working barn. Years later we come along to dismantle this beautiful piece of forest.


Old growth combined with the many years it stood as a structure makes the wood large, strong and has more density. Just look at our countries old buildings such as factories, warehouses and residences that have stood for hundreds of years. All are built with the lumber we reuse today when it was freshly milled, and a lot of these old buildings are still around. 

Growth in a natural environment doubled with the long years it stood as a structure are the two main reasons why barn wood is so durable and stable. Giving every building contractor a reason to use this beautiful resilient material. 


Barn wood adds instant personality to any room or space, every piece is beautifully different with its intricate patterns and many colors that are brought out by the years of growth the tree had. You can find many unique styles and species in the barn wood industry such as, hand hewn beams and rough sawn boards in both hard and soft woods. It has aesthetic qualities that are impossible to find anywhere else.


The amount of character in one board alone could tell a whole story. The way the grain swirls around, the interesting design in the knot or perhaps the way the paint is brushed on all tells the incredible journey that piece of wood has went through. Which is why we need to preserve this story of history. 

Reusing this old barn wood is actually saving history! Each piece started out as a tree hundreds of years ago and made its way to the top of the line as a building, teaching a history lesson along the way. A lot of conservationists talk about preserving the lands up North that are untouched by man because that land is the biggest part of American History. This lumber is American history, it came from American soil back when the first settlers arrived and is difficult to find anywhere else outside of the U.S. 


Reusing barn wood can be very environmentally friendly! By salvaging old wood, you are saving it from filling up landfills and are reducing the risk of demolishing forests. It is an eco-friendly alternative to cutting down new trees. As some building contractors say "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!" 


New life is created by reusing this old barn wood to turn lumber into stunning pieces of furniture and decor, that will serve a purpose for many more years to come. Best of all it is not harmful to the environment! 


It is important to be eco-friendly because without it's practices it could lead to environmental problems such as, erosion and pollution. It could lower cost, create healthier lifestyles, sustainability, quality of life and development. Use more barn wood lumber for your diy projects!

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